Who we are

We are an ESL school focused on Online lessons based in the US and Japan.
The motivated team of American teachers and staff from Japan, China, Philippines
are operating to serve the best service.

Where we go

We would like to provide specified lessons which were difficult to access before,
and help each medical doctors to reach their goals.

What we do

1 to 1 Skype Lesson

We offer English lessons via Skype. Lessons are done onine with American teachers

Test Prep.

We offer lessons for Medical Exam lessons for such as USMLE STEP2 CS
which you need understanding of American patients.
We also offer support for TOEFL and Interviews for schools and works.

Medical Communication

ACEMEC is online school for American Clinical English and Medical Communication.

We provide lesson for Medical doctors and Medical Students, or for those who plans to be
The lesson is provided by our Professional English (ESL) teacher or professonals with Medical Degree (MD).

Students can prepare for USMLE tests and other exam such as TOEFL with our course
Students also an study for Presentaton for Medical Conference, and communication with patients in English

The lesson is provided online using Skype. It allows busy doctors take lesson from home or office with
devices connected Internet such as PC and Tablet, even smart phones.

As we don't ask to take long courses with expensive tuition, it allows to students us our sevice
as very easy and quick support for thier study.

We hope to be a good support of students for their prosperous future.